Notes from DIP meeting 2/5/16

My notes won’t post correctly in here so…

In summary, at this meeting, we

  1. Introduced ourselves to some new members (mostly  undergraduates!)
  2. Talked about the current activities, like surveys
  3. Talked about having regular meetings. We decided one hour per week is good.
  4. Talked about the calendar on this website
  5. Talked about upcoming graduate panel, potential other group hang-outs, and the upcoming colloquium
  6. Talked about having an idea list for meetings and perhaps a google doc where people could sign up for roles during the meetings
  7. Talked about the GSR campaign by the UAW union, as well as other current campaigns by the union (Davis Stands with Ferguson, Boycott Divest Sanction, gender-neutral bathrooms)

Here’s the handout Mary prepared for the meeting.