Meeting Notes 2/12: Creating the Well-Being Survey

Happiness & Well-Being Survey Tasks and the person who is responsible for them

1) Format draft with all instructions for grads –Kara (and she might delegate)

2) Format draft for undergrads –Thomas

3) Find out: what are the RULES for collecting & analyzing personal data – Mary & Gabe & Rachel W.

4) Find out (from Berkeley report or contacts) how to interpret & respond to survey findings – Molly will read 1/2 and maybe more. email list to look for someone else also.

5) Print and set up online way to take survey -Conner

6) Help advertise & hold down the hot cocoa table –Rachel H.

First order of business:

-any future meeting topics?

  • Prelim
  • Mental health survey
  • -gender neutral bathrooms
  • -mentor/mentee system
  • -find contact info for those who have graduated or left Davis.


Now about surveys:

-exit interview for people who leave, particularly not by the standard pathway

-happiness & well-being report. We already have a survey from UCB as a template.

  • different categories (demographics, depression, succeeding academically)

-our version of the survey is in a shared Google Drive. If you want access to edit and don’t have it (only some of us have it right now), contact Mary.

-canvas seminars & explain mission statement/vision for survey.

  • seminars
  • colloquium
  • first & second year classes

-for rules & identification. Send it to Prof. Zieve’s contact (Lynette Temple for proofreading to make sure the survey is ethical. The ethical question is not “collecting data” but “releasing data.” These rules are complicated.

-Perhaps list who will be analyzing the information, so they know it’s not going straight to a department chair or PI.

-Notes about uniquely identified people being grouped in with at least ~10 people when the data will be presented to faculty.

-How do we pick “data analysis committee” who can see all the results? We think no faculty.

-What are we going to do with our findings? We want to present stuff to “the department.” Who is “the department?”

-Before we give out the survey: we should have an idea of what information exactly we want from the survey? What is our “motive” for asking these questions? We should make this public?

-What are our motives?

  • Generally how happy are graduate students?
  • Does happiness & well-being among graduate students vary among identification groups?

-What are our goals with respect to how strongly we want out statistics to look?

-No intention of publishing this survey in a research journal.

-we could include information from people who have graduated/left in the last 5 years

-different survey for undergrads? Combine?

-Survey-making committee?