Meeting Notes 4/28/2016

DIPS Funds:
Mary’s Nana has give our group $200 (in lieu of a wedding present for Mary). Send ideas of what you want to do with this to her.
  • something crafty?
  • It would be nice to Skype Nana into what ever we choose to do – she lives in Long Island
Discussion sections
We summarized last week for Mary:
  • Is it fair to ask for more if we aren’t taking advantage of the current resources (e.g. if you aren’t attending lecture).
  • There are many reason’s not to attend lecture – lecture is material you can get from a textbook
  • discussion sections offer the opportunity to learn problem solving techniques
  • We decided to meet with Andy without much prep to see how the admin will approach this
We decided that future discussion should occur in the subcommittee until the meeting with Andy happens, then the subcommittee and report the progress to the group.
  • Rena talked to Rachel about institutionalizing H-bar – she was unaware that TAs who were assigned to H-bar weren’t going.
    • We’ve been doubling up TAs in upper div classes with the expectation that they would be going to h-bar
    • Maybe put a 25% TA running H-bar.
  • They discussed some of the ways that H-bar is different from discussion sections
    • H-bar is mostly for people who know what’s going on – people who are really lost aren’t getting the help they need
    • Prep for H-bar is different than discussion
  • Who should lead the discussion about H-bar?
    • Rachel is feeling like she shouldn’t take the lead on the discussion sections
    • Does this make sense to be spearheaded by undergrads?
      • This is hard because they aren’t here very long
      • there has to be good transmission of data.
      •  We should think about how we can build longevity into the process
  • Mary read some PE research that supports discussion sections over lecture as being useful. She will pass this onto the sub-committee
  • How many hours of TA time can we justify with H-bar and the discussion sections?
Summer Salaries
  • We should thank the admin (who should we thank? – Tracy Lade, Angela, Rena) for the transparency in the salary information for the summer. Please send individual emails.
  • Tracy’s email is more accurate than Angela’s.
  • Rena worked with both of them to get us the most useful information
  • You have to be careful with the 9 discussion since it is quoted per discussion section rather than total salary
Exit interview
  • Azalee would like to put together a voluntary exit interview to collect statistics, anecdotes, and some institutional memory amongst grad students for the grad student process (both why people leave and what is the experience like to finish.
  • The end of the year may be when more people leave. This might be the perfect time. There are also an unusual number of grad students who may be leaving over the next 6 months.
  • It may be hard to define when someone is leaving – many grad students go on PELP (you can reenroll at any time for a year). We thought about sending an interview when someone goes on PELP and maybe following up with them a year later. This could be a box they check on the exit interview
  • Should we also do one for undergraduates?
  • Grad studies does exit interviews for students who are graduating – we this it is mostly demographic information.
  • Key questions:
    • How do we identify who is leaving?
      • Rena offered to let ask students if she could inform us of their departure.
    • How do we get in touch with them?
      • We could also give Rena the information and she could point them to the exit interview
    • Why should they trust us?
      • Concerns that students could be identified really easily, especially if we put the year they left. We decided it would be good to put a 5 year window (January to December) to help with anonymity
      • How long should we collect data or how many interview should we collect before we consider the sample large enough to make the answers anonymous?
      • It should be clear how we are going to use the data before we ask people to fill out the survey
      • We could make every question optional – only share what you are comfortable sharing
      • If we have small number statistics (which we anticipate) then we should also be collecting anecdotes. How do we make these anonymous? We could code for themes and then report the statistics on the themes.
Climate Survey:
  • women said that there weren’t enough social events and opportunities to meet people outside their year
  • men reported that they got to know each other through soccer
  • While soccer is open to everyone, it is mostly men who go (and feel comfortable going).
  • Students get to know their own year by sharing offices
  • Gabe is considering hosting a movie night. It is more gender neutral than sports and he would make an effort to include movies that appeal to both sexes.
    • It may be hard to formally find a space for this. We have to pay for any space that we use outside the physics building if we formally reserve it.
  • Is it ok to have a women’s only group?
    • Yes – Why?
      • There is a power dynamic in sexism. Excluding the more powerful group is ok.
      • Events tend to be finely tuned to the needs of the more powerful group (e.g. soccer)
      • Public space is more accessible for men – we need to foster this space for women
Report from Conner: