Dip Meeting Notes 8/19

Hi everyone,

I apologize for the delay in writing up these meeting notes. These are the notes I took from last week’s meeting:

Notes for unconscious bias and microaggression

Orientation is 9/16

– faculty or students & male grad student in the presentation
– Rena could do it too.
– we chose students and we need one male student. Probably Gabe.
– what we want to include
-data driven
-we have the data
-crowd scene thing (Game of Thrones) video
-collaboration is important
-emphasis on colleagues. This is a new, different level of professionalism.
A few things I remember that are important to include. I’ve confirmed that Gabe wants to help with the DIP presentation during the orientation. Also, we can have more that 10 minutes, and can get up to 20 minutes. The time needed for the orientation is flexible (30 minutes can go up to an hour).

I know there are emails with relevant studies, but if anyone has anything they think is particularly relevant or wants to include, go ahead and send the email to the list.