Meeting Notes 10/05/2016

This was the first meeting of the 2016-2017 academic year, where we reset the mailing list (you have to sign up again to stay on the list each year), discussed and revised the goals of the group, and discussed a journal article about gender bias in teaching evaluations for physics teachers. The revised group goals appear in the About page. The article we discussed is titled Student evaluations of physics teachers: On the stability and persistence of gender bias by Potvin and Hazari 2016. Mary prepared a brief outline of the paper: potvinhazari2016_slides

In preparation for the Oct. 19 meeting, investigate your own implicit bias associated with gender and science by taking the Gender-Science Implicit Association Test online. It’s not meant to say anything about your beliefs or actions; it only offers some indication of how quickly you can associate men with science or liberal arts and women with science or liberal arts. Find instructions and a place to anonymously submit your result here.