Dip Meeting Notes 8/19

Hi everyone, I apologize for the delay in writing up these meeting notes. These are the notes I took from last week's meeting: Notes for unconscious bias and microaggression Orientation is 9/16 - faculty or students & male grad student in the presentation - Rena could do it too. - we chose students and we … Continue reading Dip Meeting Notes 8/19

Meeting Notes 4/14

-Sexual Harassment Policy Change -Davis Democratic Socialist club has contacts for further information/action on this front. -We discussed the possible audience for this statement -We can try and get signatures from faculty in this department Upper Division Discussion sections -Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is currently meeting -Facebook page is up, will be up and running soon … Continue reading Meeting Notes 4/14

Notes from Women’s Forum: Empowerment and Equality

Today I attended Part 2 of the Women's Forum, Empowering Women in STEM. I took some notes, which I will leave here as a resource for the group.   Talk from Sue Miller from AAUW California: -While the percentage of women in chemical/material sciences and biological sciences have increased dramatically since 1970, engineering has increased … Continue reading Notes from Women’s Forum: Empowerment and Equality