Weekly meetings

Weekly meetings are held in the physics department, and are typically led by DIP president Rylai Davis. The monthly agenda is created using a template and includes the best practices on each meeting’s agenda. Content is inspired by current issues and events, team members’ contributions, and facilitator preference. Members are encouraged to contribute their opinions, questions, knowledge, and concerns in meetings to encourage interaction and inclusion. Let a DIP facilitator know if you would like to lead a meeting to discuss or workshop a particular topic.


Everyone in UC Davis is welcome. Membership is voluntary and participation is at you leisure.

Attitude and behaviors for meetings and events

  • Assume best intentions and accept your impact
  • Provide background when giving input
  • Anyone is welcome, anytime
    • Focus on intention of your/others’ words
    • Make/leave space during conversations

Suggestions for topics of future meetings

  • Mentorship between students at all levels (HS-undergrad, lower division-upper division undergrad, undergrad-grad, early year-later year grad, grad-faculty)
  • Implicit bias and the online tests at
  • Continued work on survey development to collect information about student experiences in the Physics Department
  • Gender neutral bathrooms
  • Preliminary and qualifying exams for graduate students
  • Just provide general moral support for one another
  • political activity and public employee status
  • Risks versus benefits of incorporating gender pronouns in programming
  • Personal civic engagement and areas of influence
  • Creating intentional spaces for respectful dialogue and personal safety
  • Critical view of acknowledgement language
  • Mapping equity goals to a code of conduct


Past agendas